Osho Sadhana Meditation Center, New York

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Home NEWSLETTER Guru Purnima Celebration, July 25th, 2010

Guru Purnima Osho Celebration Camp, July 25th, 2010

Osho Sadhana Meditation Centre and Osho lovers in New York could not have found a better occasion for getting together for Satsang celebration than the Guru Purnima day itself, the day of all the buddhas of the past, present and the future. It was July 25th, sunday and with about 15 Osho lovers turning up in the warm New York morning by the East river in Astoria, and few friends who had stayed overnight in the centre, the event took off with morning ‘ gacchhami’ prayers and an energetic Dynamic Meditation.
The breathing and shouting, the jumping and dancing prepared spaces into all of us for deeper
silence and helped us move deeper into our being. And as we moved on to do Kirtans and group meditations before lunch, the energy in the Buddha hall was already rising.

“The idea has gone very deep in the human mind that religious people have to be serious and sad, with long faces. Laughter seems to be too mundane. It is not so. Laughter is one of the most sacred phenomenons on the earth. In fact in profound laughter mind disappears exactly like it disappears in meditation. That's why laughter is so relaxing, so rejuvenating.”-  Osho

 After enjoying a delicious fully vegetarian meal, all of us participated in laughing meditation, it started with jokes and turned into a meditation where laughter was happening all around, penetrating each of us, cleansing and soothing us from within.  The afternoon sharing sessions brought the group even close as we agreed upon the idea of having similar energetic meditation events every month. Each of us agreed to help the centre grow so that more people could benefit through regular active meditations and Satsangs.

 The evening white-robe celebration under the rising full-moon turned into a vibrant and wild dance with sannyasins dancing in joy, with love for Osho overflowing from their hearts. The energy was moving all of us. And by the end we were all wondering, “What was happening then?” It must have been Osho’s presence in the Buddha hall that evening. We concluded the evening Satsang with a group humming under the full-moon shower, so calm and healing.
All in all, nobody wanted to leave the Buddha hall and go back home after dinner …the ecstasy and the energy was soon to be dissipated amidst the busy New York subways and the hustle –bustle of downtown streets. And so we plan to meet again, after a month, for a more wilder dance, more  louder laughters….for falling deeper and deeper into silence and  rising higher and higher in your love, oh beloved Osho!!


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