Osho Sadhana Meditation Center, New York

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Osho Dynamic Meditation

This technique is best done at sunrise. It can be done in a group or alone, but the energy will be more powerful if it is done with others.This meditation is done with closed eyes and for this one can use a blindfold. One should have an empty stomach and wear loose clothing. It has 5 stages and each stage is accompanied by a different music to guide you .

First stage: 10 minutes music. Deep, fast,chaotic breathing through the nose. Be the breathing, forgetting the body and the mind, and let the body move as it needs.

Second stage: 10 rninutes music. Catharsis.Let go, be mad.Scream,cry, shake, dance,laugh. Cooperate with the energy and with anything that happens, as totally as possible.

Third stage: 10 minutes music. With raised arms,jump up and down shouting hoo! hoo! so that the sound vibrates deep into the sex center.Give all you have, exhaust yourself in reaching a crescendo.

Fourth stage: Stop. 15 minutes silence. Freeze where you are, in whatever position you find yourself in. Witness the energy within the silence.

Fifth stage: 15 minutes music. Dance, sing,rejoice in celebration and thanksgiving.

If you cannot make noise in the place where you are meditating, an alternative method is given. In this, all the sounds are kept within, rather than being thrown out. For those who enter it fully, the meditation can go very deep. In the second stage allow the body to
explode into a soundless catharsis through body movements. In the third stage hammer the sound hoo! hoo! deep inside with an inner sound.


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