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Home NEWSLETTER An Evening of Relaxation: Osho Gaurishankar Meditation, March 11 , 2011

An Evening of Relaxation: Osho Gaurishankar Meditation, March 11 , 2011

Please come and join us on March 11, Friday at 6 pm for the Event of Evening Relaxation where two meditations will take place: Osho Kundalini meditation followed by Osho Gaurishankar meditation. If you can’t join us at 6pm, you are welcome to come over at 7.15 pm for Gaurishankar meditation. Please call at 347 843 3134 to confirm your participation. 
Osho Kundalini meditation is one of the most popular techniques. It is designed to effectively release tension, which blocks the natural flow of energy in your body.  This release brings relaxation and peace. It includes dynamic and powerful movements that will help to raise your kundalini energy from the ground up through your entire body by shaking, which followed by conscious dance, and then by stages of silence and relaxation.

Gaurishankar meditation is a perfect technique for a night time. “The first two stages are preparation for the spontaneous Latihan of the third stage. If the breathing is done correctly in the first stage, the carbon dioxide formed in the bloodstream will make you feel as high as Gourishankar (Mt. Everest)” (Osho). This technique is a simple way to experience glimpses of mindless and it will help to calm the nerve system and will make a night sleep deep and peaceful.
When Osho was asked about connection between carbon dioxide and waking up of kundalini (In search of  Miraculous, v.1, ch.12, qn 3) his answer was “there are many connections between them. One, we carry within us the potential for both life and death. While the oxygen of breath represents our potential for life, carbon dioxide represents the potential for death…Both the elements are operating within us. If we have more of carbon dioxide, we will slide into lethargy. That is why it is easier to sleep in the night than in the daytime, because during the night the amount of carbon dioxide goes up while that of oxygen declines. That is how we go to sleep so easily in the night and not so easily during the daytime."

Kundalini and Gaurishankar are perfect techniques given to modern people who are in desperate need for distress and relaxation. Come this Friday evening, after a stressful week of work and responsibilities, and give your body and mind a gift of rest. The Day of Evening Relaxation is a perfect time to put your mind aside and enter into the world of meditation.

Call 347 843 3134 Nataliya or Swami Narinder 718-644-7077 when you arrive at the main-gate.
Wear loose light clothes which will help in the flow of subtle energies in the body during meditations. Come with light stomach, and drink plenty of water.

The suggested donations for the evening event is $10 which includes a light snack and tea. You can also participate in one meditation or bring your own vegetarian food and donate $5 only for meditations.


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