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Home NEWSLETTER Dancing In Ecsatsy : Weekend Camp In Mt. Poconos, August 13th, 2010

Dancing In Ecsatsy : Weekend Camp In Mt. Poconos, August 13th, 2010

 In an effort to build an oasis , few of us travelled away from the busy city streets of New york to a peaceful and beautiful place in the hills to spend a weekend. It was August 13th, 2010.
Nothing would give us more happiness than to re-live the happiest moments of our childhood again, playing in the swings, running up the trees, whirling around looking up at the open sky , dancing in the rain and screaming and laughing out till our bellies hurt...and it was a weekend when all of this happened.
It was an experiment and when I saw the refreshed and happy faces of all my friends after the weekend i was convinced the experiment was successful.      
In a city like New York which is always on the go, it is silly to force ourselves to keep stable and at peace by closing our eyes and meditate passively.The whole atmosphere, the vibrations in the air of the city are pushing each of us to run , to do something and not just sit and we find ourselves practising Zen and vipassana on some corner of the Central park. Times have changed , and with the changing time and circumstances , newer methods of meditation are to be searched and experimented upon.

 At a small meditation centre in Astoria, New york at Osho Sadhana Meditation Centre, few people are experimenting every month to bring a way of living a stress free life despite the stresses  of weekly corporate jobs. Here, a weekend camp at the end of every month is conducted to help all of us to re-live freedom in its true sense.

This month , in August , a group of 10 friends went to Mount Pocono in an Ashram with beautiful green hills overlying blue-green lakes and lovely zen huts , a really meditative place...the place granted us the freedom and yet seduced us into its silence...soon all of us who were shaking and screaming and dancing went into a silence that was never felt. 

 The silence of the jungle there synchronised with the silence amid all of us, a dynamic silence, a mesmerizing silence. After a long day of deepening journey into ourselves , things eased off with a Sufi whirling in the Sufi garden. The sufi dance was simple yet powerful , playful yet strong method to centralize our energies.
By the end of the day, we found ourselves more energetic. The evening Satsang celebrations took us deep in communion with the enlightened ones, and deeper in love with Osho. Even after the delicious vegetarian dinner, the celebrations hadn’t ended.  

            Camp-fire by the Krishnamurti lake (named by us) and singing and dancing continued. The dance got wilder and wilder as the fire burned higher and higher, and lastly there was silence beneath the stars.  It was such an amazing experience;an experience one can never expect to have, living in a city like New York.
The singing and dancing, laughing and crying, chanting and playing with meditations, all is creating a buddha-field, an oasis in the desert for thirsty seekers…an energy phenomenon which will help the seekers for centuries to come. 
A place where some trancendental energy is felt,meditation is natural... a place where, sitting silently doing nothing , spring comes and the grass grows by itself... 



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