Osho Sadhana Meditation Center, New York

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Home NEWSLETTER 2 day meditation workshop with Sw Subhan March 17-18

2 day meditation workshop with Sw Subhan March 17-18

It is our pleasure to organize a special meditation retreat at Osho Sadhana, NY with a versatile facilitator and a long time Osho Sannyasin -Swami Subhan from Seattle, on 17/18 March, at the Osho's Enlightment day.

Swami Subhan has been a long time disciple of Osho, and had opportunity to spend time with him at Kips castle , NJ ,Rajneeshpuram Oregon & Pune, India.

He was the lawyer of Osho & was among the first batch of Sannyasins to visit the Rajneeshpuram, commune at Oregon. He is a songwriter, an innovative group leader & has created & facilitated many Osho meditation groups, in India, Japan, Mexico & USA, over the last 20 years.

Schedule of this Special Meditation retreat :

  • Saturday : 9.00 AM - 8.00 PM
  • Sunday : 9.00 AM - 5.30 PM

Attending 2 days of Retreat is strongly recommended.

Subhan would introduce many new Osho Meditation techniques from the hundreds of techniques.

Below sessions are conducted by Subhan's for over 20 years, which he would touch upon , one on each day.

  • Finding the work you Love.
  • The Art of relating- Love & Relationships.

Cost :

  • 150 $ for the 2 days of retreat.
  • 100 $ for a 1 day retreat.

15% discount for couples & family, on attending the full 2 day retreat. (To do such kind of retreat in India may cost you over 2000$ + 1 week of holidays)
Financial Assistance Available: If you cannot attend because you are a student , in between jobs ,or low on finances, please contact Samadhan (201.356.7513) or Samir (419.575.2749) for financial assistance.

We do not want you to miss this invaluable experience. Cost includes Breakfast, vegetarian lunch, evening organic herbal tea and whole day of meditations with a loving, caring group of fellow meditators.

Dinner can be ordered on advance payment of 10$ per meal.

This is an open workshop for all seekers , new and old, seekers of all different paths who have walked in search of freedom from the mind, who have taken a conscious effort to start a journey in this path from mind to heart and from heart to the being.

Wear loose clothes and come in an empty stomach. Clean drinking water is provided. You do not need yoga mats as meditation cushions are provided by us.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier for getting necessary instructions on meditations.

Location / Walking directions of the Meditation Center :

  • N or Q train from 42nd Street, Times Square,directed to Ditmars Boulevard (get off the train on the last stop)
  • Walk north-east on 31st street towards Ditmars Blvd.
  • Turn left at Ditmars Blvd.
  • Walk from 31st street straight to 19th street in Ditmars Blvd.
  • Turn right at 19th street towards 21st Drive.
  • Turn left at 19th street and 21st drive to get to 18-52 block,
  • ask for entrance door to the centre in the 18-52 block 1st floor


About Swami Subhan

Subhan Schenker (Sw. Prartho Subhan) was a criminal lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1979, he quit his practice and went to Pune to meet Osho. Osho gave him sannyas, and Subhan says it was and continues to be an exquisite love affair beyond words. While there, Osho also gave him the name “Prem Chhaya” – the Shadow of Love for a meditation center. While in Pune, Subhan began a lifelong love affair with meditation.

He began an 18-month continuous practice of Dynamic every morning and he experienced many breakthroughs while there that he says changed his life forever. In 1981, he went to New Jersey and, along with a small group of disciples, lived at “The Kips Castle” with Osho.

There he had several opportunities to have close contact with Osho. In April, 1981, he was the third sannyasin on the ranch (Rajneeshpuram, Oregon). As one of Osho’s lawyers, he helped in the settlement of the purchase of the ranch, and handled many of the Commune’s legal matters. He stayed on the ranch for four and a half years, and left shortly after Osho left. He has some wonderful stories to share about these times in America.

While on the ranch, he wrote a birthday song for Osho, which became the birthday song for all the sannyasins there. He also wrote several other songs and performed at the World Celebrations for Osho and his disciples.

In 1988, he returned to Pune and stayed there until two months after Osho left the body. While he was there, he developed and led several groups, including “Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love,” and “How to Transform Tension.”

He lived in Japan from 1990 to 1995, returning several months a year to Pune to lead groups and co-direct the Osho Marketplace Network, which he created with Ma Prem Karuna. While in Japan, he wrote the popular song, “Om Shanti.”

And he and his beloved Shanti reopened the “Prem Chayya” center in Kyoto, where they became connected with many Japanese and foreign sannyasins. In 1995, he returned to Pune again, and stayed there till the end of 1997, when he returned to the U.S. He and Shanti again reopened the center in Seattle, and used the name “World of Meditation” as their business name.

The World of Meditation has now been in Seattle for the last fifteen years. It has offered hundreds of meditations, camps, workshops and events for the Pacific Northwest. He has also facilitated the workshop, “War & Peace: The Art of Relating” for the last ten years.

Subhan is a certified counselor in Washington State, and besides his counseling practice, he facilitates workshops, camps and classes there and in Mexico. His is the soon to be published author of three books: “Finding the Work You Love,” “21 Insights That Will Change Your Life,” and “Growing Up…Not Just Growing Old.”

To read more more about Sw Subhan and his meditation center. Click here


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