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Home NEWSLETTER Osho Winter Festival 2012 - Six days of meditation and celebration. 21-26 dec

Osho Winter Festival 2012 - Six days of meditation and celebration. 21-26 dec

Update: NY Winter Meditation Retreat with Sw Subhan And Ma Shanti - 21-26 Dec, 2013

20 friends gathered at Galiana Retreat Center in upstate NY for a 5 days of meditation and an experience of communal living. Sw Subhan and Ma Shanti shared several meditation techniques from their “meditation toolbox”.

We started days with Osho Dynamic Meditation and ended with Osho Video on a big Screen. in between they shared various awareness techniques that we could weave into daily lives. Some of them were, Yes-No Meditation, Heart Meditation, Nataraj Meditation, AUM Meditation to name a few.

We also participated in a tea ceremony to practice our awareness. Everyday we were given a key to practice throughout the day - awareness walk, breath awareness, mood-watching and dropping the belly. All these small techniques looked very simple but brought immense awareness.. Work-worship was an integral part of the retreat.

Everyone contributed a few hours for various chores around the residences, which involved cooking, cleaning and shopping. Food was great, mostly organic.

During the retreat, Sw. Subhan led meditation facilitator training. During these sessions, he shared his insights with practical tips, suggestion and things to take care while facilitating Osho meditations. Participants found it very helpful.

We would like to thank Shanti and Subhan for travelling from Seattle to be with us for this retreat and to all the friends who came and shared their beautiful presence.


2012 Winter Osho Meditation Intensive

6 days of meditation, celebration & community living in nature

(Dec 21 - Dec 26)

We are glad to invite you to the 2012 annual Osho winter festival of meditation and celebration. Join fellow seekers in exploration of the inner self and spend the holiday season in a vibrant community of like-minded people.

Main highlights:

1)      Six-day Osho meditation intensive - with Osho sannyasins Shanti and Subhan including various meditations like Zen, tantric,  Sufi  & unique techniques given to them personally by Osho. Active Meditation techniques have been designed by Osho specifically for the modern mind to allow us to express & release the repressed feelings with awareness, and reaching a meditative state naturally.

2)      Centering in the Ordinary - led by Shanti – learning how to weave meditations into our daily life. This will set a context for work as meditation program & allow us to bring a quality of meditation to our, daily life chores.

3)      OSHO Meditation Facilitating training – led by Subhan

Facilitating is for everyone who wishes to go deeper in meditation, and for those who would like to develop more skills and confidence in introducing OSHO meditations to others. This can be in the context of simply wanting to share with friends and colleagues; or for professionals such as doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, meditation camp leaders who want to feel more grounded and at home in presenting and supporting these meditation methods.

Main themes of facilitation training.

    • Deepening your own experience in OSHO meditation techniques understanding the science behind them
    • Supportive factors in creating a meditative climate
    • Responding to questions about meditation
    • Practicing presentation with feedback sessions
    • Introducing meditation to newcomers.
    • Grounding, relaxed communication, equipment use.


Venue: Galiana Meditation Retreat Center (click here for photos)

Galiana website http://galianawellness.com/ Address:  614 Salls Rd, New Lebanon Center, New York 12125

Transportation: Please click here to indicate if you need or can offer a ride. If you need public transportation check Peter Pan for busses going to Pittsfield, MA or Amtrak to Hudson, NY and we will pick you up from the bus/train station. Pittsfield is Closer.

Useful tips :

    • Retreat program is specially designed as six days for a complete & holistic experience. We recommend complete participation for at least five days, for full benefits.
    • Participation in work contribution program is also recommended. This is known as "work as meditation program" and is a unique device for meditation.
    • To support meditation, vegetarian food wood be served. No alcoholic beverages or intoxicants would be consumed in the retreat.

Available discounts:
Discounted price available as part of Work as Meditation program involving 2 hr per day of help in cooking and house chores. See below table.
For discounted cost, pay by 8th Dec by PayPal as a gift to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or send a check to Raman Vashishta, 99 Elm Ave, Iselin, NJ -08830.
$50 discount for referring each new friend for the retreat.


Payment details:

[Limited spots] To secure a spot, pay by PayPal as a gift to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or send a check to Raman Vashishta, 99 Elm Ave, Iselin, NJ -08830 & drop a line at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Additional fee of $50 per person applies for OSHO Meditation Facilitating training. Duration of the training is 1-1.5 hr per day for 5 days. It may include facilitating real sessions to the group.



Meditation Retreat

With Work Contribution
(Pay at door)

With Work Contribution
(Pay by 8 Dec)

5 days, 4 nights

Single :450

Single :390

Single :350

Couple :750

Couple :680

Couple :600

6 days, 5 night
(21 – 26 Dec)

Same as above
(Free night )

Same as above 
(Free night )

Same as above
(Free night )

4 days, 3 nights

Single :400

Single :350

Single :310

Couple :700

Couple :580

Couple :550

3 days,  2 nights

Single :350

Single :300

Single :260

Couple :650

Couple :530

Couple :480

2 days, 1 night

Single :300

Single :240

Single :200

Couple :600

Couple :480

Couple :400

  • Participation fee for 1 day is 100$ and for 1day & 1 night is 150$.


Contact Us:

For more info call us at :- NY Area :-  Nirupa 2016889586 & ULA 9173255237,         Brooklyn - Eleina 9178811293

New Jersey  Chaitanya 9732075046 & Yatri 6366346861,     Connecticut :- Ramkrishna  4195752749 & Naveen 2039795445

or e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


About Shanti (in her own words)

When I was about 25 years old I became interested in meditation. I read one or two books on Zen Meditation and even though I couldn't really understand what wasShanti written, inside myself I knew I had to learn to meditate. So I started the journey sitting ZaZen in Albion, California in 1972. Much to my surprise, I could not sit still even for three minutes! I was attempting to sit in meditation for one year...but to no avail - I could not enter that doorway.  Then life pulled me to India. Within two hours of entering into Delhi, India, I heard about Osho, who was then living in Bombay. As his name was mentioned, an inner voice whispered to me that I would meet him when I go to Bombay. I had no idea when I would go to Bombay, so I just filed that guidance away.

About 6 months later, while trekking in Nepal, I met the same people who had first told me about Osho. I was going up the mountain and they were coming down - to attend a meditation camp in Mt. Abu. After that trek I moved into a small room in Swayambhu, Nepal. And by chance, my neighbor was a sannyasin from England!

We eventually began to travel together back into India and we ended up at Osho's feet on Christmas Day 1973. When Osho asked me about my meditation I told him I could not sit still. He then spoke with me about how difficult that is for many people and then he proceeded to tell me about Active Meditations.  Much to my surprise, I heard myself telling him that I was going to his next Mt Abu Camp. He said that was very good and gave me two meditations to do in preparation for the camp. I took sannyas on January 7, 1974 and from that time on when I went to Darshan he would give me different meditation techniques to try out. I was in meditation heaven!  

I developed a course for the Osho Multiversity called, Centering in the Ordinary - Learning How to Weave Meditations into our Daily Life - so the whole gestalt of any activity changes. I led Meditations in Pune, Japan, Europe and when we returned to the States, Subhan and I opened The World of Meditation center in Seattle. I have taught meditation workshops and classes at the center, and in various Community Colleges, hospital settings and other venues.

Here are two pictures of me taken in the early 70's.  Below one is of me in darshan with my then boyfriend, Anandadas. I would often complain to Osho about him, and Osho would lovingly turn everything around so I could see and understand my own conditioning, narrow beliefs and mindsets about relating and men! Even in the picture you can see everyone laughing including Osho as he would speak with me. The above picture is of me in Nataraj.  It was taken at a moment when "I" disappeared in the dance...how grateful I am for those moments!

I so look forward to taking time for the timeless in December with all of you.  We will introduce a variety of meditations that Osho has offered given us - taken from the Darshan Diaries, Discourses and those he gave personally to me to practice.


About Subhan:

Subhan Schenker (Sw. Prartho Subhan) was a  criminal lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1979, he quit his practice and went to Pune to meet Osho. Osho gave him sannyas, and since then Subhan says it has been for him an exquisite love affair beyond words. While there, Osho also gave him the name “Prem Chhaya” – the Shadow of Love for a meditation center. While in Pune, Subhan began a lifelong love affair with meditation. He did an 18-month continuous practice of Dynamic every morning and experienced many breakthroughs while there that he says changed his life forever.Subhan

In 1981, he went to New Jersey and, along with a small group of disciples, lived at “The Kips Castle” with Osho. In April, 1981, he was the third sannyasin on the ranch (Rajneeshpuram, Oregon). As one of Osho’s  lawyers, he helped in the settlement of the purchase of the ranch, and handled many of the Commune’s legal matters. He stayed on the ranch for four and a half years, and left shortly after Osho left. While on the ranch, he wrote a birthday song for Osho, which became the birthday song for all the sannyasins there. He also wrote several other songs and performed at the World Celebrations for Osho and his disciples.

In 1988, he returned to Pune and stayed there until two months after Osho left the body. While he was there, he developed and led several groups, including “Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love,” and “How to Transform Tension.” He lived in Japan from 1990 to 1995, returning several months a year to Pune to lead groups and co-direct the Osho Marketplace Network, which he created with Ma Prem Karuna. While in Japan, he wrote the popular song, “Om Shanti.” Together with his beloved Shanti, he opened the “Prem Chayya” center in Kyoto, where they became connected with many Japanese and foreign sannyasins.

In 1995, he returned to Pune again, and stayed there till the end of 1997. When he returned to the U.S. he and Shanti opened the center in Seattle “World of Meditation.” The World of Meditation has now been in Seattle for the last fifteen years. It has offered hundreds of meditations, camps, workshops and events for the Pacific Northwest. He has also facilitated the workshop, “War & Peace: The Art of Relating” for the last ten years.

Subhan is a certified counselor in Washington State, and besides his counseling practice, he facilitates workshops, camps and classes there and in Mexico. His is the soon to be published author of three books: “Finding the Work You Love,” “21 Insights That Will Change Your Life,” and “Growing Up…Not Just Growing Old.”

Subhan's Blog - Click here
Know more about Subhan and Shanti and their work


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